Vehicles are one of the most common symbols in dreams:

In the bible, they used animals to represent ministries - arriving on a donkey meant to arrive in strength and peace. It also represented humility, a horse would represent a powerful ministry.  In the bible, chariots were representative of powerful, prophetic ministries and were able to carry more than one person. Now ministries are fueled by the Holy Spirit - interpreted as oil (Matt. 25:3,4) so now the "vehicles' in our parables are no longer steeds and dappled horses but modern cars powered by oil (Holy Spirit).

airplane – (notice size – commercial airlane = large church or ministry) powerful prophetic ministry or church

bicycle- moving by the power of your own flesh or works – not by the power of God

blow up raft – resting on the Spirt and the Word

boat – ministry based on the word (water of the word) 

bus – large ministry

car – If possible, notice the type, condition and color of the car: if it is the car you drive in real life it      

           will represent a real life or "in the flesh event" situation or event. If it is one you know is yours but it    

           is not the car you drive in real life - it represents movement in the spirit or a spiritual situation or event.  


       going in reverse - falling back into sin; going back in time; not moving forward

        going too fast - slow down and wait on the Lord

        going too slow - need to speed up or stop being apprehensive about a situation

        wrecking - person or spirit interference with your life or ministry to stop your progress

        getting a ticket - be sure to abide by natural and spiritual rules 

        running out of gas - spend time with the Lord to be freshly filled with His Spirit

        check engine light is on - examine yourself in the Lord 

        headlights are off - spend time in the word 

        if someone else is driving - they are leading a certain situation

        if you are in the backseat - you are at the mercy of the driver; no authority in a situation

        things in the trunk - hidden things; things of the past; things you are ashamed of

        car won't start - seek the Lord for instruction

        Looking in rearview mirror - looking back to things in the past; leaving something behind

Some common car types in dreams:

Ford Focus – instruction to pay closer attention to the things of the Lord; instruction to limit distractions

Odyssey – change; new adventure; travel

Dodge Ram – powerful ministry or demonic attack

Jeep – offroad vehicle; unconventional ministry; ministry that could be dangerous; 

Infiniti – unending, eternal  

Ford Escape - moving away from danger or a bad situation; moving away from a temptation to sin

convertible – ministry under an open heaven; ministry that is not covered or protected

cruise ship – large, international ministry that is not missionary based (leaves for short international                              visits and comes home)

float – rest; relaxation; time of refreshing; no striving

limousine driven by chauffeur - Lord taking you to an assignment supernaturally or by angelic guidance

motorcycle – one person ministry under an open heaven, can also mean a ministry that is not covered by the Lord

school bus – children's ministry or teaching ministry

ship – large international ministry; missionary calling

skates - moving by the power of one's own self – not by the power of God

sports car – powerful ministry; ministry obtained at a high cost 

tractor - symbolizes plowing ground for a new ministry

tricycle - being childish or immature in a situation

truck – small ministry or small assignment;  ministry that will involve physical work 

van - medium sized ministry

wooden raft – trusting in the flesh 


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