Symbols A-Z

Incomplete List

abortion – termination of a ministry, calling or relationship in your life

arrows - words that pierce; a person's children (from psalms: children are arrows in your quiver)

backstage – what is going on behind the scenes

banner – love; flag; under the authority of

bed - relaxing; comforted

belt - truth

bifocals – ability to have God's vision of things in the present or close to you as well as things far off or in the future

billboard – sign from the Lord

binoculars – ability to bring events of the future into focus now; ability to see a situation more clearly

boils – curse for sin or demonic attack on a believer

bottle – provides food for an immature believer that must be fed by others


broom – movement of witches or witchcraft

candle – the lamp of the soul, light in the darkness; salvation; lighting of the Lord

carnival – gathering of people that does not take things seriously; atmosphere that does not honor the presence of the Lord or His Holy Spirit; atmosphere of debauchery or revelry

clock or watch– time usually representing time left for a task 11:00 = the last hour until midnight

clock or watch without time on it – the last days, the return of the Lord, too late, expiration, no more time, time for judgement

clown - not taking things serious

crystal – such as a candy dish or ball – fortune telling from the demonic realm

day time – time of clear vision, times of flourishing, God's children are children of the day

desert - place of isolation or loneliness; time of testing

dining table – gathering of those who are likeminded to feast on spiritual doctrines; can be jezebel's table or can be the banqueting table of the Lord; can be the table of the prophets of baal; gathering of believers to digest the word of the Lord; communion or oneness

e.m.p. - event that distracts or stuns us with the intent of knocking out our prayer life

eyeglasses – vision improved by the Lord; supernatural vision

first floor – foundational; beginning; basic; things pertaining to the earth

flood – judgment, or blessing, swarm or influx of something

flowers – clothed by heaven; temporary; God's beauty of nature; rest and peace



apple – sin or temptation

barley - harvest time; end of the age

Bread – salvation; Jesus is the bread of life includes any bread product​

fruit – good/healthy fruit – producing or partaking of the fruit of the spirit, result of living in the Spirit, successful or bountiful harvest

fruit - biological or spiritual offspring

fruit – rotten – fruit of the flesh, result of fleshly actions, failure to bring harvest in at the right time

grapes - harvest​; crushing of grapes = season of trial or crushing that is meant to for a good result in your life

meat – food for the spiritually mature

milk – drink or food for new believers or spiritually immature

sugar or candy – teaching that provides no spiritual nutrition or depth

wheat - harvest time; end of the age

fog - demonic or flesh blockage that keeps a person from seeing clearly

furnace – time of trial; purification process

gold - represents God (like in the tabernacle) 

graduation – promotion in the spirit realm or the flesh; successfully completing an assignment; going from glory to glory

gun - word curse or malicious gossip that wounds a person

hammer – God's word (jer 23:29)

hat – covering

helmet – salvation; protection; guarding ones thoughts

horn – power or authority, prepare for battle/war; warning; coming of the Lord

ice – without emotion; frozen; cold heart; preserved

incense – prayer, anointing

jewelry box – location of one's treasure; precious things

lamp – word of God that gives light

luggage – carrying spiritual or emotional baggage; preparing for a trip

make up / cosmetics –  hiding your true self; spirit of Jezebel; deception

moon – goddess worship, false spirit – reflects light but doesn't shine from within (Jesus lives inside us) ; idol worship, principalities

nakedness – uncovered or unprepared; caught off guard; unprepared emotionally or spiritually

night time – dark night of the soul; last days; difficult to see; hidden;  time of trial;  tribulation or testing; children of the night are unbelievers

night time – limited time left to work; last days; time for demonic activity; inability to see clearly

ocean - international; habitation for ancient spirits

oil – Holy Spirit; gladness

perfume – sweet smelling sacrifice; pleasing to the Lord; incense

poison - false teaching

recliner – relaxation or being lazy

refrigerator – preservation of food; storing of the word of God; freshness

ring – authority (signet ring); covenant (wedding ring)

rock – foundation; Jesus; stability

second floor – second heavens; dwelling place of principalities; increasing in faith or knowledge; promotion

seeds – new life; the word of God; death burial resurrection; provisional

shirt – covering

shoes – ministries; sharing the gospel of peace; preparation/being prepared (notice what kind of shoes to determine meaning)

stage – pretending or showing a different perspective; orchestrated; not natural

stars: righteous believers; saints; angels of the seven churches; spiritual beings

sugar or candy – teaching that provides no spiritual nutrition or depth

sun – idol worship; bright and shining – glory of the Lord; father (joseph's dream)

sword - the word of God

tares – harvest of unbelievers; unrighteousness; result of the work of the enemy

telephone – communication with the Lord; communication with others; ability to hear the Lord; prayer

television – black and white – seeing and hearing the lord through traditions or doctrines of man

television – color – seeing and hearing the lord in fullness and clarity

third floor – third heaven; dwelling place of the Lord; place of spiritual authority; seated in heavenly places with Christ

underground – place where believers go to hide from persecution; of or from hell; hidden

valley - trying or difficult time; season of limited vision of things to come or surroundings

winter - time for something to end or die


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