apartment building – place where people live or work together but separately; body of believers                                         or individuals that make up one body  (church)

bathroom – repentance and cleansing of sin; deliverance; preparation

bedroom – intimacy with the Lord or another person (or with good or evil); one's private life; 

                   dirty or messy shows need for cleansing and organization in private life

childhood home - symbolizes the life of the dreamer

church – gathering of believers; kingdom of heaven; literal church; body of Christ

closet – secret place; place of prayer; crowded or unorganized = need for cleansing and organization in private or spiritual life 

convenience store – church or ministry without depth

court room – place to respond to accusations; judgement; appeal for a righteous decision

department store or walmart, costco etc – church or ministry that teaches the full truth of God;

                        If walmart or large chain, could represent large ministry with many departments;

                        ministry that is focused on making money; also: market place; literal place of work                           or employment

dining room – partaking of the things of the Lord alone or with the fellowship of others; can be                               partaking of the things of the demonic realm (eating at the table of Asherah, Baal                            or Jezebel)

elementary school – new lesson to be learned; basics of faith, baptism, repentance, etc.; if mature                                   believer can be an assignment to disciple new converts

fast food restaurant - No time for depth of the Word; not very healthy; serving stale manna


Father's house - the church


garage – waiting on the Lord; season of inactivity; covered from the elements

grocery store – church or ministry that has good teaching and sound doctrine; outreach ministry

                          of provisions 

house - symbolizes a living condition (notice whose house it is and condition of the house) 

kitchen – place where the word is prepared to be taught 

living room – comfortable setting;  gathering of believers

mall –  Very large church or ministry that houses or supports smaller churches or ministries; large             church with various avenues of ministry or outreach; can also represent church focused on


master bedroom - place of intimacy with the Lord; place of authority; one's private life

school – place to learn Godly principals or a life lesson; church

store – workplace; ministry; marketplace

storehouse – church; gathering place; place of provision; abundance; storage area 


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