The Lord will often "code" people in dreams. For example, you may have a dream of a person you went to school with or knew when you were a child. You know this is not a literal dream of that person so consider the following: What is a personality trait of this person? Do you have someone in your life currently with this same personality, stronghold or sin?  The meaning of the name may be significant. It could also be someone with the same name. For instance, if you have a dream about someone you went to school with named Sue, that is no part of your life at this time but you have current friend named Sue. The dream can be about your current friend Sue. 


For instance, I was going through a difficult time and the Lord gave a dream that I had a baby and named it Noah. Noah means - "rest" And Noah could walk faster and talk better than any other baby's could. I knew the Lord was telling me that if I would quit being anxious and "rest" in the Lord - It would give me God's supernatural ability to move past and get through this situation quicker. 

Another common theme for people "parables" is that a person from your past may be used or "coded" to represent a person you know now. For instance, you dream of an old friend from school named "Kim" you have no interaction with that person now but you have another friend "Kim" in your life now. The Kim (your old classmate) in the dream would be a representation of the Kim involved in your life now. 

actor – person who does not show their true intentions or hides their real personality or spirt; pretends


baby – fruit of intimacy with the Lord, ministry; product of a spiritual or physical union between two    

            people; new life; immaturity in the Spirit; new ministry; inability to reason or understand

big brother – Jesus

daughter or son – spiritual assignments to teach or impart, discipleship assignments, assignments for                                   ministries that are similar in make up to your own, christ family dear to your heart.

doctor – the Lord; healing ministry

driver - person in authority or leadership

exterminator - person or angel in charge of getting rid of demonic spirits; deliverance


ex-girlfriend/boyfriend – broken covenant; represents something that has broken off of your life; could                                             be a characteristic trait or sin of that person that is broken off your life;        

                                          sometimes will represent a spirit that person carries something you have been

                                          set free from trying to come back to seduce or entrap you 

Father – God, Holy Spirit, can be leader or pastor of a church

fireman - sent by God to put out fires or resolve explosive problems

grandmother or grandfather – can represent a generational blessing or curse

judge – the Lord; righteous judge; judgement; discernment

manager or boss – the Lord; a pastor or leader in the church; someone in a position of authority; spirit

                               that has obtained a position of authority or influence in a situation

mother – flesh or natural life; the bride of Christ; the church; controlling spirit; Jezebel

news reporter – prophetic messenger

old man - wisdom; prophet

pilot - can be the Lord; person in leadership of a prophetic ministry

policeman - authority; spiritual authority; judgement carried out by the angels; ministers of          


radio announcer – messenger

sister or brother – fellow believer; like minded believer

son – disciple; Jesus


teacher – teaching ministry; wisdom; Holy Spirit; lesson to be learned; sharing of wisdom

tour guide – angelic messenger

weatherman - messenger to let you know of a change in seasons or details of an approaching storm 


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