1 – God; the trinity; unity; end times: one world currency; one world leader; and religion

2 – twin spirit; double blessing; double anointing; ministry; marriage; covenant; witness or       truth (see 2 Tim 3:8, 2 Kings 2:9, Deut 21:17, Gen 15:10)

3 – trinity; strength/three fold cord that is not quickly broken (Matt. 28:19, Ecc 4:12)

4 – things of the earth: four seasons, four directions  – creations on earth, or              

      creatures in heaven; four horsemen of the apocalypse (Ezekiel 1, 7:2, Rev 4:8, Zech 6:3)

5 – number of grace; power; five fold ministry of God

6 – number of man (Revelation, Genesis)

7 – number of perfection or number of completion; rest,

8 – new beginnings; infinity; rapture; protection; safety from God's wrath and protection

9 – fruit of the spirit (galatians 5:22,23, 1 Corinthians 12)

10 – God's portion/tithe; can also represent an earthly government; plagues or judgement (10 kings of Revelation, Genesis 28:10, Genesis 14)

12 - pertaining to heavenly governments; apostolic group or gathering (12 tribes, 12 disciples) 

14 - double portion (paid or received) 


15 - rest

30 – beginning of ministry, redemption

40 – trials, death of the flesh, temptation (rained 40 days/nights to destroy all flesh, Jesus fasted 40 days/nights)

50 – groups of believers,  jubilee or being set free from debt; completion of ministry  

70 – punishment or captivity, completion of punishment, completion of life

300 – army of the Lord, brave or fearless (Gideon)

666 – number of the end time beast, and 6 is the number of man

1,000 – millennial reign of Christ



Black -  evil; physical death; night; spiritual darkness; absence of light or absence of  

                Christ; death; plague; famine (black horse from Revelation); kingdom of darkness

Blue   -  heaven, priestly ministry

Brown-  spiritual death, things of the earth

Gold   -  purity; wisdom; wealth; word fitly spoken; listening to instruction; deity or false    


Gray   -  spiritual mixture bringing death; lacking clarity; gray hair - elder, wisdom or      


Green  -  new life; inexperienced


Maroon – symbolic of a tainted mixture that brings death – red and brown and white

Neon  -  demonic influence to attract attention to self, flesh - to take attention from the Lord

Orange – fire; smoldering; caution

Pink – flesh

Purple – royalty

Red - blood of Jesus; redemption; powerful ministry; judgement; anger/rage; danger; hell;

           communism (4 headed beast)war (red horse of the apocalypse)

Scarlet - salvation; sin

Silver – represents being tried in the furnace of affliction; the word of God

White – purity; light; innocence; kingdom of heaven; white horse: rider is Jesus or antichrist               or deceiving spirit

Yellow – glory; cowardly
















someone walking in deception or a doctrine of deception


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