Ken Peters - I Saw the Tribulation 

One of the best and complete end time videos. 

Ken Peters had a dream in 1983 about the end times and the Tribulation.

This video was recorded in 2000 and this dream has been incredibly accurate.

John Paul Jackson - The Perfect Storm

  This video was made around 2009 and much of it has already happened such as 

Hurricane Sandy, the shooting of Senator Gabrielle Giffords, certain political events and more.

This video warned of race riots that would be starting.  He said they would start somewhere near

Saint Louis, Mo. (they started in Ferguson, Mo)  John Paul Jackson was a man of integrity and was from the Ellis County, Tx. area.


David Wilkerson's 1973 Vision of Economic Collapse

This video is a classic from one of the most respected pastors in America. It is a long video if time is a consideration for you but the specific events given are from the Lord for preparation of the times we live in.


Dumitru Duduman  

Romanian pastor tortured for being Christian - sent to warn America of future


Lexi's Dream of Heaven, End Times and a New World

Short video of an end time dream from this little girl! This one is precious!


90 Year Old Norwegian Woman's

Prophecy from 1968 -with subtitles

AA Allen's Vision of America


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