alligator - ancient demonic spirit; lives in unclean water (defiled areas)

ant – industrious;  hard worker

bear - can be a demonic spirit; can indicate an economic situation "bear market"

bees – blessing; curse; honey of the word; being too busy; gossip

birds (notice type) – angels; demonic principalities; messengers

black crow – curse; demon

black widow spider - Jezebel spirit brings death to husband

bull - baal worship; headstrong without regard to others or surroundings; can indicate an economic situation a "bull" market

calf/cow - spiritual idolatry; provision; inordinate affection; golden calf; symbol of Baal, false god of thunder, prosperity and harvest

cat – witchcraft; cunning


chicken - fear

cobra – Egyptian spirit of witchcraft; the occult 

deer - able to maneuver high places or treacherous situations; swift 

dogs - (notice breed characteristics and context)

demons; unbelievers; danger; guardian angels;  angelic protection; companionship;  

gentiles;  false prosperity gospel teachers (2nd Peter) 

if it is your own pet it can represent angelic protection; companionship; pet sin or your own flesh life


donkey – carries burdens; the coming of the Lord; humility;

stubbornness; idolatry; strength

dove – Holy Spirit; peace

dragon – satan

eagle – powerful ministry; prophetic ministry; rising above problems; waiting on the Lord; perfect vision; ability to prophetically see into the future;  ability to soar

elephant – something huge; event or situation with large impact; heavy attack or heavy burden

fish – new believers; provision

fleas - irritations; aggravation

fly – demonic entity

fox – legalism; wicked ruler; worldly wisdom; pharisees spirit; false or unrighteous authority

frog – lying spirits, unclean spirits

goat – unbeliever, stubborn

gorilla – demon with power

hornets – rioting, chaos 

horse – fast, powerful ministry or fast and powerful angelic or demonic movement

hummingbird – prophetic anointing (able to fly in any direction)

lamb – believers; gentleness; peace; follows Jesus; harmless; followers


leopard - Anti-christ/end time demonic spirit

lion – devil; powerful demonic attack; the Lord; Tribe of Judah

monkey – playing around too much or not taking things seriously

ox – strength; power

owl - demonic symbol of molech, daughters of Ashtoreth and prosperity, false goddess of seduction and war

peacock – arrogance; majesty

pig or sow - false teacher; false doctrine; prosperity gospel teacher; unclean; gluttony; lacking discretion

python – witchcraft; jezebel spirit; choking; strangling; controlling spirit that will choke the life out of you

rabbit/hare – sexual perversions; promiscuity

rat – enemy that tries to remain unseen; feeds on what is not clean

raven – provision


roaches - feed off trash or sin; demonic spirits that live in the dark but flee when the light                   of Christ or His word is shown.

rooster – pride; arrogance


scorpion - brings extreme pain or death to a situation, event or relationship; demonic      


snake - deception; temptation; hidden danger


spider - deceitfulness (spinning web of lies for entrapment);  witchcraft

tiger – crouching and waiting for a believer to fall into sin; demonic trap

turtle – slow; timid; endurance to finish the race

vulture – death; demonic being; principality

wasps – attack from demonic principalities


zebra - mixture with an unclean spirit; not fully committed to the Lord



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