blowing a trumpet - sounding an alarm; calling to battle; marks a designated time


diving – abandonment of self; total surrender to the Lord

drinking milk - partaking or learning of basic truths of the Lord

driving - (see details on transportation page) moving by the power of the Holy Spirit (oil)

eating - partaking of a doctrine; partaking of the Lord; fellowship with the Lord

eating meat - partaking of food for mature believers

eating cake or cookies - receiving too much "sweet" teaching that will not nourish you 

enemy falling – victory over a certain situation; bringing down strongholds of the mind

falling – falling into sin; accepting a deceptive doctrine; moving away from the Lord;  helplessness; trying to obtain                           salvation by your own works or by rejecting grace

flying – prophetic anointing or prophetic ministry; rising above problems; heavenly; carefree

getting a hair cut or new hair style - the Lord adjusting your "covering" in Him

going downstairs - having a season of trials; can be going deeper with the Lord

going to the bathroom - cleansing; deliverance; relief from pressure or an intense situation

going upstairs - advancing in your walk with the Lord

having a baby - starting a new ministry

laughing – joy of the spirit; mocking; being in the presence of the lord brings fullness of joy

listening to the radio - listening to a message from the Lord

marching - taking your place in the Lord's army

mopping – cleaning up a mess or situation 

not having your pants on in a dream - you are exposed in a certain area of your life and need to cover up

pumping gas in your car - getting filled with the Holy Spirit or being refreshed by the Holy Spirit

putting on your shoes - getting prepared for something

raining - time of refreshing from heaven; can also be a stormy time or season

running – represents your christian walk (the race set before you);  not accepting responsibility;

                  trying to run and not being able to move or feel restrained – presence of demonic hindering you or sin is          

                  weighing you down

stumbling – being hindered by enemy opposition; temptation; taking eyes off of  Jesus

swimming – enjoying the holy spirit; spending time in the word of God

swimming in deep water – enjoying and partaking in deep spiritual truths; refreshing; total trust in the Lord 

swimming in shallow water – refreshing for new believers or those spiritually who are spiritually immature

taking a shower - cleansing; preparation 

talking on the phone - communication with the Lord or a someone else

wading in a kiddie pool - not taking the things of the Lord seriously

watching tv - seeing the future; or seeing a situation that you are not part of

wearing glasses - enhanced vision from the Lord for a certain reason; the Lord making clear something you are not sure                                   of


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